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The rugs of the well-known Iranian provenance Ghom are widely distributed and highly appreciated.... more
Product information "Ghom natural silk"
The rugs of the well-known Iranian provenance Ghom are widely distributed and highly appreciated. They stand for fine quality with a very dense knotting and some rugs have an amazing knotting density of up to 600,000 knots per square metre. The material of Ghom rugs is equally special. They are knotted from both silk and wool and the natural silk from Ghom is known worldwide for its high quality. The rugs feature patterns from different regions of Iran, including figural designs with stylised plants and animals as well as medallion designs. Although rugs have only been made in this region for about 100 years, Ghom rugs are very popular because of their understated luxury. The quality of the natural silk from Ghom is particularly well known and silk rugs from this region are highly prized. Some master weavers from Ghom have gained worldwide recognition for their skills.
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  • Natürlich und nachhaltig


    This rug is made from 100% natural materials and is therefore biodegradable and sustainable.
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    We have maintained excellent relationships with the most important carpet weavers of Persian and Indian rugs for decades. This enables us to guarantee the best prices.
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