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This beautiful Ziegler combines Persian rug weaving tradition with the best price-performance... more
Product information "Dehbaf"
This beautiful Ziegler combines Persian rug weaving tradition with the best price-performance ratio. It goes with any interior, because Zieglers are very typical oriental rugs in the best sense of the word. The unusual name might suggest a German origin, but in fact the name Ziegler refers to a British company that set up its own rug production in the Persian town of Arak. In the meantime, it refers to a class of oriental rugs that uses typical oriental ornamentation from a wide range of influences. This is what makes Ziegler rugs so changeable and at the same time unmistakable.
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  • Handgeknüpft


    Our modern and classic rugs are all knotted by master craftsmen. The rugs in the New Weave collection are woven using state-of-the-art methods and then finished by hand.
  • Natürlich und nachhaltig


    This rug is made from 100% natural materials and is therefore biodegradable and sustainable.
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    We have maintained excellent relationships with the most important carpet weavers of Persian and Indian rugs for decades. This enables us to guarantee the best prices.
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    You can book an all-round carefree service with us: with Rug Care, we clean your carpet regularly and professionally. This is how value preservation works!
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    Our company supports Care & Fair e.V. and is committed to combating illegal child labour in the rug industry!
70244 Ziegler Ziegler
235 x 170 cm
€1,875.00 €3,750.00
previously €1,875.00*
71604 Zielger Zielger
296 x 196 cm
€1,488.00 €2,975.00
previously €1,488.00*
70296 Esta Esta
200 x 140 cm
€425.00 €849.00
previously €425.00*
70368 Bakhteari Bakhteari
293 x 206 cm
€3,495.00 €6,990.00
previously €3,495.00*
71550 Ziegler Ziegler
263 x 180 cm
previously €11,340.00*