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This piece of jewellery from southern Persia is hand-knotted from fine, hand-spun highland wool... more
Product information "Loribaft"
This piece of jewellery from southern Persia is hand-knotted from fine, hand-spun highland wool and dyed with natural vegetable dye. Highland wool is particularly hard-wearing and durable, as the food intake is high quality, a particularly large amount of natural lanolin (fat) accumulates in the wool. The nomadic tribes weave rugs whose design language bears strong inspirations from the magnificent landscapes. The subtle patterns are carefully crafted according to traditional lore and are also based on models from nature. Nomadic rugs are equally robust and durable and bring natural flair to any room.
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  • Handgeknüpft


    Our modern and classic rugs are all knotted by master craftsmen. The rugs in the New Weave collection are woven using state-of-the-art methods and then finished by hand.
  • Natürlich und nachhaltig


    This rug is made from 100% natural materials and is therefore biodegradable and sustainable.
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    We have maintained excellent relationships with the most important carpet weavers of Persian and Indian rugs for decades. This enables us to guarantee the best prices.
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    You can book an all-round carefree service with us: with Rug Care, we clean your carpet regularly and professionally. This is how value preservation works!
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    Our company supports Care & Fair e.V. and is committed to combating illegal child labour in the rug industry!
70666 Gabbeh Gabbeh
345 x 257 cm
€3,144.00 €5,240.00
previously €3,144.00*
70577 Gabbeh Gabbeh
305 x 205 cm
€1,494.00 €2,490.00
previously €1,494.00*
70574 Gabbeh Gabbeh
246 x 211 cm
€1,734.00 €2,890.00
previously €1,734.00*
70509 Gabbeh Gabbeh
300 x 197 cm
€2,376.00 €3,960.00
previously €2,376.00*
70409 Gabbeh Gabbeh
288 x 209 cm
€2,274.00 €3,790.00
previously €2,274.00*
71229 Gabbeh Gabbeh
212 x 162 cm
€1,314.00 €2,190.00
previously €1,314.00*
70514 Gabbeh Gabbeh
215 x 158 cm
€954.00 €1,590.00
previously €954.00*
71524 NewWeave NewWeave
300 x 197 cm
€878.00 €1,950.00
previously €878.00*
71475 Gabbeh Gabbeh
305 x 253 cm
€2,082.00 €3,470.00
previously €2,082.00*
71444 Makalu Art026                        Makalu Art026                       
300 x 250 cm
€4,896.00 €6,120.00
previously €4,896.00*
71101 Vintage Vintage
370 x 260 cm
€1,778.00 €3,234.00
previously €1,778.00*